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I less than three U

Obligatory Valentine's day post:

Where did you go? What did you do? Who did you do?

Today I am being mostly inspired by:


fuck they're awesome. 3000 words in 24 hours. Boo frickin' Yah!

In a non-academic sense I tend to be especially inspired by science fiction, it just sets your brain off in crazy and awesome directions. If I knew Phillip K Dick I would totally love him long time, hell I'd settle for <edit> having intimate relations with his books </edit> (edited to hide drunkenness at time of writing).

New Subject

I've decided to post a new subject: inspiration. Post anything that inspires you

Seeing as Vicki lead by example i'd better follow. I'm shep (yes, that is my real name) also a student and here are my random facts.

1.) I'd like to go to Scotland to see the Edinburgh fringe festival for comedy.
2.) I can stand temperatures of 42 degrees wearing jeans and a thick t-shirt and still genuinely complain that it's chilly.
3.) favourite music right now is divenire by ludovico einauldi
4.)  Bed is the greatest invention ever. Ever.
5.) Loving the Phillip Pullman series.
6.) There's pretty much nothing more to say, guess I don't know myself very well.

p.s. to bring it up to 7.) when I typed my name into image search this came up:

edit: fix'd


I suppose I better post my own introduction, if I'm expecting others to do one.
I'm Vicki, I'm 23 and a student in the UK, originally from Glasgow a city I love but unfortunately have been up twice in 3 and a half years.
I love makeup, books, music, clothing and a whole lot of other things.
To make this easier to write here are some random facts:
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Hi There!

Hi, Welcome to Pandoras_Attic,
The introductory theme is: Introductions.  What's the most memorable way you've introduced yourself, been introduced etc or an image representing an intro (and a story would be nice) and of course introduce yourself!